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The past few years have been tricky for us here at Dedham Vale Vineyard. As many will have seen on our website and from previous e-mail updates, COVID-19 left us unable to open during 2020 and we had planned to take the opportunity to renovate our site and build our new tasting barn and winery.

This redevelopment was originally scheduled to coincide with the start of our 2021 tour season however, complications have arisen that have impacted that schedule.

As such, we are in a position now where we do not foresee being able to open for the entirety of 2023, and it is unclear whether we will be operating our tours in 2024. We are therefore no longer selling Dedham Vale Vineyard tour vouchers for the foreseeable future.

I have a tour voucher, what does this mean?

If you have a Dedham Vale Vineyard Voucher that expired after the 1st April 2020, we are offering you one of two options"


Option 1

110% wine

Convert your voucher to purchase our wine online and get an exclusive 10% extra free.

We still want to share the experience of our fantastic wine and we are taking great care of our vines and expanding our crop to include new varieties, so we would love you to taste it.

As such we are offering those with vouchers to convert them for use in our online shop.

Option 2


Claim a refund for your voucher at its purchase cash value (no wine discount).

You will miss out on our excellent wine, and the bonus value of our offer, but we will not leave any of our customers out of pocket.

If you have a voucher with a code starting DV, DX or DW that expired after the 1st April 2020, please fill in the form below to claim your shop voucher or refund:

We are manually processing these refunds and we are a very small team given the financial impact of the last year. As a preferred route please email us with your name and tour voucher code at

If you need to discuss any voucher issues are struggling with email contact please call us on our tour reclaim number:

07521 516528

Someone will be available to answer between

0900 - 1700 Monday to Wednesday

0900 - 1600 Friday

Thank you for your understanding


Request your 110% wine voucher or a refund below:
Select an option

Book Your Tour

You'll need a voucher to book your tour.


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buy E-voucher


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check availability & book


Policies and Information

Dedham Vale Vineyard vouchers are valid for the period stated on the voucher itself. Vouchers bought in 2020 and 2021 will be valid for the 2021 tour season ending in October. Vouchers are non-refundable.

We are not running tours in 2020 due to the restrictions we face from Covid 19. Please see our Covid 19 FAQ section on this form more information.


If circumstances mean you need to change your booking date once already booked onto a tour, you must contact our team at least 5 days (120 hours) prior to your scheduled tour. Requested changes to your booking after this time will incur a £10 rebooking fee per person on the tour.


Any rebooking is subject to availability and must be done within the validity period of your original voucher. Due to the nature of the gift voucher system, we are unable to refund cancelled tours with cash but instead can only offer re-booking on an alternative date.

Policies and Information

Voucher conversions for use in-store and refunds are only available on Dedham Vale Vineyard tour vouchers. For third party vouchers such as "buy a gift" please contact the supplier directly.

Voucher conversions and refunds are only redeemable for vouchers that expired after 1st April 2020. Vouchers that expired before this point in time did so in a period of standard business operation and were ability to book was not impacted by Covid 19 forced closure or change in operation at Dedham Vale Vineyard that followed. We are not able to honour vouchers that expired in normal times through lack of use by the holder.

Vouchers converted for use on our online store may have an expiry date that differs from that of the original voucher. Please make yourself aware of this expiry or just use the voucher following the conversion to avoid disappointment.

Cash refunds and conversions may take several days to process, please be patient with our small team.

Voucher conversion to 110% of the cash value of the voucher at the point of purchase for use in our store is an offer made at the discretion of the management and is only available while this offer remains active.

Wine vouchers provided may only be used for redemption on our online store at

Wine vouchers must be used on a single online purchase. Any unused value will be lost.

Wine vouchers can only be used for the purchase of wine or sparkling wine available on our online store within the validity period of the voucher issued.

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