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Saturday 5th August, 6pm

Follow the yellow brick road and join Chameleon's Web Theatre Company for a fun-filled show beside the lake at Dedham Vale Vineyard.
 THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ is a brand new adaptation of L Frank Baum’s classic book with a unique contemporary twist, updating and expanding it for an outdoor family audience.
Written for Chameleon's Web Theatre Company it follows in the footsteps of productions such as 'Robin Hood: Spirit of Sherwood'; 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' as the company's 2017’s summer tour production.
All Dorothy Gale wants to do is travel. Get out of Kansas, go somewhere new. Somewhere different.
Dorothy’s father doesn’t want her to go, afraid that something might happen to her... but when a tornado hits the Gale farmstead, Dorothy goes further than she ever thought possible.
 Stuck in a strange land with only a Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and Lion for company, Dorothy sets off on a quest to return home. A quest that requires brains, heart and bravery.
But there are challenges ahead! The Wizard of Oz won’t help; a witch is after Dorothy’s slippers; the Scarecrow can’t remember anything; the Tin Woodsman doesn’t care and the Lion… well, he’s got issues.
With things looking bleak and the way home uncertain, Dorothy starts to look at her life in a whole new way, because travel really does broaden the mind.
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Gates open at 5pm - bring a picnic and enjoy the scenery!
The performance starts at 6pm.  The performance runs for two hours with a 20 minute interval.

Refreshments available from the Dedham Vale Bar:
DV wine, cider, local ale, soft drinks, crisps, olives and light snacks.
The Dedham Vale Bar is open from 5pm and during the interval.