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Order an award-winning KellyBronze Christmas Turkey for collection from Dedham Vale Vineyard.

KellyBronze slow growing, free range mature turkeys are a joy to cook. They offer more flavour, have superior meat texture, juicier self-basted meat and the promise of richly flavoured natural gravy stock.

"KellyBronze Turkeys are the best of the best, the most joyful treat.  Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a KellyBronze Turkey." - Jamie Oliver

The KellyBronze is Bred To Be Wild

Quite proudly a product of the slowest farming method in the world.

Birds live as nature intended. They're fed on a natural diet and roam free in the woodlands or pastures - foraging for grubs, berries and nettles - their favourite treat.

Our birds are grown to full maturity. By allowing them to grow to the equivalent of adult age, they develop a layer of natural fat, and mature carcass and bone - all essential ingredients for award-winning flavour and natural gravy stock.  

 Birds are hand plucked when they are mature and ready to eat, not when they reach a particular weight. Little black feather quills can be seen in the skin - a detail that has become a defining KellyBronze hallmark.

KellyBronze has won too many awards to mention and has become the turkey of choice for discerning customers and celebrity chefs who want the very best for the most important meal of the year.