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English Wine Week 2014

02 June 2014 by Standout UK

Following English Wine Week we are delighted to announce a new development in the Dedham Vale Vineyard Shop.

From 31st May, the Dedham Vale Vineyard Shop will include a Wheeler Wine Cellar; 18 wines specially selected to complement the Dedham Vale range. Furthermore, our wines will be stocked in the new Wheeler Cellar at Birchwood Farm, Dedham. Don’t forget, you can also buy our full range of wine and cider online.

Our garden producers will be pleased to hear that the 2013 Small Growers’ Wine has been bottled! If you have a vine in your garden and don’t know what to do with the grapes, bring them to us. From mid-September, for each 1kg you harvest, we transform these grapes into a bottle of your very own wine for 5. This time next year, you could be enjoying the fruits of your labour, whilst watching next year’s harvest develop!

In fact, this month in the winery, is all about bottling. We have completed our 2010 English Sparkling and are working our way through the Dedham Vale and Mersea Island varieties.

Once bottled and corked, the wine is laid in our cellar and after a month it is ready to be labelled, sold and enjoyed. Congratulations to the winners of the ‘first bottles’ competitions running on Facebook. If you missed out, fear not! This year, the Dedham Vale Estate is launching two new white wines; a medium dry from the Reichensteiner grape, and a crisp white based on the wonderful Muller Thurgau grape. Suggest a captivating name for either or both wines, and the winning suggestions will be awarded a case of 12 bottles signed by the Wine Maker (who’s currently hard at work practising his signature…)

Out on the vineyard, the vines are demonstrating strong spring growth as the warm season continues. We will soon start tucking in the shoots to train the vines along, rather than into, the row. Our vines are grown in the ‘Scott Henry’ trellising system. Tucking in new shoots not only looks neat, but maximises the light and heat capture of the canopy thus promoting the development and ripening of fruit. Plus, from a picker’s perspective, no-one wants to fight their way through acres of vineyard searching for grapes come harvest time!

Elsewhere on site, our woodland management seems to be yielding results. We have welcomed back turtle doves and are enjoying watching a pair of cuckoos – although the other nesting birds may not be as keen to see them! Best of all, from the terrace of our Tasting Barn, a nightingale can be heard singing in the woodland.

After a successful launch, the Seasonal Suffolk shop is busy, with ‘Fresh Fridays’ particularly popular. Locally produced fresh fish, meat, bread, vegetables, raw milk and smoked products are available, with the range of fresh items changing each week. We can help you pair the perfect Dedham Vale wine with your purchases, making for a truly local feast.

The Vineyard is now open for the summer season from Wednesday to Sunday, 12 noon – 6pm. Look out for details of our upcoming events including the first Wheeler Wine Tasting: Australian Winemaker BBQ Evening on 18th June; and a new Music in the Vines event: ‘Rhythm and Vine’ on 26th July.